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Curative Therapies

Ayurvedic therapies to rejuvenate and detoxify yourself

Practiced by the great sages of ancient India, Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old system of holistic medicine defined as Knowledge of Life (Ayu meaning life and veda meaning knowledge). Our Ayurveda program offers a truly authentic, comprehensive, and customized experience that is designed for each individual guest. Our experienced practitioners and specialists create a personalized wellness program that is focused on restoring the health and balance of guests through Eastern holistic therapies and guidance from an authentic Indian perspective.

Practitioners who are experts in ancient Ayurveda therapies address the root cause of each guest’s health issues during an immersive, regimented stay and incorporate a variety of healing techniques to treat and educate those dedicated and committed to living a better life.

Relaxing Ayurvedic Oil Massage


30 to 45 minutes

This is a refreshing massage done by applying warm medicated oil as per individual requirement. It gives a deep sense of relaxation and revitalization. It adopts a methodical implementation of massage in 7 different positions. This technique enhances blood and lymphatic circulation thereby ensures drainage of accumulated toxins. It nourishes the muscles and improves the muscle bulk. It is useful in dealing with acute and chronic pain and stiffness of muscles and joints. It nourishes the skin and helps in preserving youthful look.

Relaxing Ayurvedic Scalp Massage

Shiro abhyanga

20 to 30 minutes

The classical Ayurveda massage done to the scalp is called Shiro Aabhyanga. In this procedure, oil is applied on the scalp, followed by a soft and soothing massage. It relieves the tension and induces sound sleep. It cools down the whole system and nourishes the nerves. Thus helps to maintain calmness of the mind. It goes a long way in strengthening the hair roots, adds lustre to the hair and prevents greying of hair.

Soothing foot massage


20 minutes

Warm oil massage done to the feet is called padabhyanga. Many important nerves end in the feet. Therefore, proper stimulation of these nerve endings can be achieved through padabhyanga. It is also a technique used to induce good sleep. It improves the vision and strengthens the feet. It is useful in relieving pain in the feet due to conditions like calcaneal spur, plantar fasciitis and allied conditions.

Oil stream therapy for the whole body

Kayaseka - Pizhichil

45 minutes to 1 hour

This is a procedure of pouring warm oil in a specific manner followed by synchronous massage to the whole body. The oil is constantly maintained at a comfortable temperature. It gives a calm energizing feeling during the procedure. Use of good amount of oil ensures maximum nourishment to all the tissues and helps the tissues recover and restore. This is recommended for rejuvenation as well as for pain and disability arising from traumatic conditions.

Herbal Rice Poultice

Shastika Shali Pinda Sweda

45 minutes to 1 hour

This is an elaborate nourishing procedure involving abhyanga. It is followed by soft massage with a bag containing special cooked navara (red variety) rice immersed in warm herb infused milk. It gives an enriching, nourishing experience due to the ingredients used in the mixture. It revives the lackluster skin and the underlying tissues. Its invigorating and useful in conditions like emaciation, muscle weakness, nervous debility and loss of muscle bulk.

Medicated leaf bag poultice

Ela kizhi - Patra pinda sweda

45 minutes to 1 hour

This therapy gives a soothing feeling and helps relieve acute pain and stiffness. It is most beneficial in muscle spasms. A blend of finely chopped vata dosa reducing leaves with onion, lemon, grated coconut are further added with herbal powder and thoroughly fried in medicated oil. This mixture is tied into smooth cotton bags and used for massaging in this procedure. The bags are dipped in medicated oil at regular intervals to maintain a constant temperature. 

Sour Lemon Poultice

Naranga Kizhi - Jambira Pinda Sweda

20 to 30 minutes

In this form of heat treatment, lemon is cut into small pieces and processed with herbs, added with other ingredients like grated coconut, turmeric, carefully fried in medicated oil and finally made into a bag to facilitate soothing massage with this bag. It gives a soothing feeling and calms down the muscle spasm and stiffness. Jambira pinda sweda is useful in host of conditions like pain and stiffness of neck and shoulder, knee joint pain, painful conditions of the back.

Constant stream therapy for head


45 minutes to 1 hour

A steady stream of medicated liquid is poured over the forehead with constant movement. Different types of liquids such as medicated oil, ghee, milk, butter milk are used for the purpose. This gives a very relaxing experience often inducing a peaceful sleep during the treatment. It is helpful in chronic sleep deprivation and insomnia. It benefits the patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy and other neurological conditions. It provides complete relaxation and therefore beneficial in most stress induced conditions.

Herbal powder induced sudation therapy

Choorna pinda sweda

20 to 30 minutes 

It is similar to valuka sweda in many a ways but a mixture of herbal powder substitutes sand as the basic material in this procedure. It is warmed on a hot pan from time to time to maintain the temperature. This is also helpful in enhancing the local metabolism. Choorna panda sweda brings about a feeling of lightness in the body. It relieves one of pain, heaviness and stiffness. It is helpful in several conditions of rheumatism and muscle spasm.

Dry powder massage


45 minutes to 1 hour

This is a unique method of dry powder massage. Fine poly-herbal powders are massaged comfortably with some pressure. This procedure gives a sense of lightness in the body. This is a preferred treatment for reducing the body fat and getting rid of flabbiness in the body. It liquefies the excessively accumulated fat tissue and restores normalcy. It is very helpful in conditions like overweight, obesity, prediabetic conditions and also other conditions related to kapha dosa.

Oil retention therapy for back, knee and neck

Bahya vasti- Kati basti
Janu basti - Greeva basti

30 to 40 minutes 

Basti is an improvised technique over abhyanga which retains oil at a specific place. Here , a well with wet black gram flour is formed around the area to retain the oil. Target areas are primarily the joints. Major joints such as the knee, cervical and lumbar spine are targeted in this procedure. Name of the procedure has the prefix of the area being treated. Janu basti as an example indicates basti treatment instituted to janu (knee joint). The joints of our body are subject to repeated stress and strain which make them susceptible to damage. It is very effective in managing the degenerative conditions of the knee, back and cervical region. Shiro basti (done on head) is useful in several neurological conditions like facial palsy, stroke and migraine.

Sand induced sudation therapy

Valuka sweda

20 to 30 minutes 

It is a procedure involving soft application of heat through mildly heated clean sand tied into a small bag. This procedure helps in subsiding joint swelling and stiffness. It improves the circulation and radiates appropriate heat to reduce the chronic inflammation. It is very useful in conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and reduces the pain and stiffness quickly.

Red brick sudation therapy

Ishtika sweda

15 to 20 minutes 

“Istika” refers to a brick and sweda is the heat treatment which induces sweat. This procedure involves immersion of intensely heated piece of brick into medicated liquids thereby generating vapor. Affected area is exposed to these vapors’. Istika sweda is generally preceded by padabhyanga. This simple treatment can be comfortably endured as the temperature is regulated as per the needs of the patient. This localized treatment helps in relieving deep seated inflammation locally. It especially helps in the management of the conditions related to heels such as calcaneal spur, plantar fasciitis, local bursitis, tendinitis etc.

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