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After several centuries of research, drug development and innovations in technology we as mankind have failed in finding effective methods to negotiate with several disorders effectively. This drives home the universal fact that Prevention is better than cure. Swastavritta primarily emphasizes the preventive aspects of Ayurveda. Swasthavritta is a unique branch of Ayurveda which gives importance to both diseased and Healthy individuals.

We at Sharada hospital make an effort to focus on Physical , Mental, Social and Emotional wellbeing of a person, through customized care to the patients on both OPD & IPD basis under the following sections

● Lifestyle Modification

● Patya – Apatya ( Diet & Nutition )

● Yoga therapy

● Immunity clinic

● Rehabilitation for body and Soul

We make an effort to alter long -term habits of

eating ,physical activities, certain addiction and sleeping patterns through

Counselling and practical application of the concepts like Dinacharya (Daily

regimen), Rutucharya (Seasonal regimen), Ahara (food habbits),Nidra (sleep),

Yoga & sadvrutta ( Mode of conducts) to cure life style disorders like Obesity, Heart diseases, hypertension , PCOD, Insomnia and also maintain heath.


Food is wholesome to both body and mind and which doesn’t harm

is considered as patya.

Good nutrition and appropriate ways of eating is an important part of healthy

lifestyle. We focus on providing high quality whole some food to our patients,

incorporating Ayurvedic principles of food through our fully fledged patyahara

vibhaga . We also give appropriate dietary advice on both OPD & IPD basis for various diseases including lifestyle disorders like obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other autoimmune disorders.

Practicing yoga helps to maintain health and cure disease

. We with our team of qualified doctors teach therapeutic yoga to the patients

on both OPD & IPD basis to maintain an optimum state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. We are well equipped with spacious yoga hall with a serene atmosphere. We train and motivate the patients to make yoga an integral part of their daily life. We also teach various relaxation techniques and meditation.

A healthy immune system is the reflection of a healthy

body. Our experienced doctors give utmost importance on building

immunity of our patients on OPD/IPD basis, through Rasayana therapy,

immunomodulatory medicines based on body constitution, Rutu shodana, Yoga

and meditation in a customized manner.

Rehabilitation is one among the essential

Component of universal health which helps to restore health and revert back to normal life after addiction, depression or illness. We employ training and therapies like Physiotherapy, Exercise/Activities, Yoga, Cyclic meditation and Health education to achieve the same



BAMS, MD (Swasthavritta & Yoga)

Dr Anusha1

BAMS, MD (Swasthavritta & Yoga)

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