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shalakya tantra

Five senses in human beings form the basis of acquiring knowledge and also serve as tools to provide satisfaction and pleasure. Any malfunctions associated with these are hard to endure. ENT and Opthalmology in western medicine is concerned with most of the sense organs. Similarly in Ayurveda Shalakaya tantra is one of the branches of asthang Ayurveda designated specifically for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all the diseases occurring above the neck such as eyes, nose, ear, mouth and head.

The branches of shalakya tantra includes Nethrachikitsa (Ophthalmology), Karnachikitsa (otology), Nasachikitsa (rhinology), Mukharogachikita(oral hygiene, Dentistry and Laryngology), and Shirorogachikitsa(diseases of the cranium). 

This science uses a lots of ‘Shalaka’ which means probe which justifies the name Shalakya tantra. Shalakya tantra is also famous as Urdhwangchikitsa in south India.

At Sharada Hospital we have an active Shalakya department sphere headed by enthusiastic staff. We manage conditions such as visual problems among the children and the elderly, degenerative problems related to the eye and the ear, chronic headaches, oral problems, nasal problems such as allergic and perennial rhinitis, diabetic and hypertensive retinopathies etc.

Facilities at our hospital

We have separate OPD for ENT and Opthalmology.

We own Sophisticated instruments such as the slit lamp help in faster and accurate diagnosis.

Separate kriyakalapa room dedicated for Shalakya procedures.

Trained therapists to execute the kriayakalpa procedures

Facilities to accommodate eye exercises

Support from our own pharmacy to prepare medicines as per individual needs.

Other activities

We conduct regular medical camps

We offer services at the schools through regular eye check-ups

Conduct educational programs for public about

Participate in TV and radio programs to enhance mass awareness.

Circulation of information about preventive measures for sense organs.

In house summer camps for increasing visual acuity.



Senior Consultant
BAMS, M.S in Ayurveda (Shalakya tantra)

DR harsha shalakya

BAMS, M.S in Ayurveda (Shalakya tantra)