Shalakya Tantra


Any complaints related to the ear is to be treated early. Degeneration conditions of auditory nerve and other structures of the ear, disturbs the day today activity of a person. In Ayurveda, reduced hearing, Tinnitus and different ear infections managed with following treatment procedures.

Karna Poorana: Pouring medicated solution into the ears and it is left for a minute or more than a minute. Then the solution is completely drained from the ear.

Karna Basti: Retention of the medicated oil behind the ear.

Karna Dhoopana: Fumigation of ear.

Karna Pichu: It is an application of cotton pad dipped in lukewarm medicated oil/ ghee on the ear.

                Jaloukavacharana: Leech therapy.

Annalepa: Application of medicated rice paste around the ear.

Head, Nose and Throat

In Ayurveda, the different types of headache and nasal disorders are managed very effectively. Those who are suffering from Sinusitis, Migraine, Tension Headache, Allergic Rhinitis, Loss of smell, Bad odour in the nose, Nose block, etc., treated by following procedures.

Nasya: It is one among the panchakarma procedure. Here nasal administration of medicine is done according to the patient’s condition.

Kshara Prayoga: Here alkali of specific medicine is applied into the affected area and after a specific time the applied drug is neutralized. Indicated in case of tonsillitis, nasal polyp.

Kavala and Gandoosha: Retention of medicine inside the mouth. Indicated to treat hoarseness of voice, loss of voice, different conditions related to throat, oral cavity, sensitivity of tooth etc.

Other procedures like Shiro Abhyana (Head massage), Shiro Dhara, Shiro Pichu and Shiro Basti are practiced. These procedures mainly indicated in diseases of head and beneficial in treating the patchy hair loss, thinning of hairs and dandruff.


Eyes are complex sense organ of the visual system. It has many structures that must work properly to produce clear vision. In Ayurvedic texts we get lot of explanations regarding eye disease and its management. There is no difference between day and night for a blind person. So, people should always put an effort to protect their eye sight.

In Ayurveda, there are seven major treatment procedures to treat the eye disease in different level. These procedures are very effective in preventing and curing eye diseases.

Netra Tarpana: A specialized treatment procedure in which paste of black gram is tied around the eyes. Then medicated ghee is poured into the eyes. That medicine is retained over the eye socket for a specific time period.


 Dry eye syndrome, Computer vision syndrome

 Allergic eye diseases

 Diseases of eyelid and eyelash

 Difficulty or decreased movement of eyeball and eyelid


 Diseases due to injury

Putapaka: This procedure is similar like Netra Tarpana. Here instead of ghee, medicinal extracts are used with ghee, honey or milk etc. Most commonly this procedure is done immediately after Tarpana.

• This procedure enhances the effect of Netra Tarpana. The added benefits are clarity in vision, capacity to tolerate bright light

 • Lightness of eyes and sound sleep.

Netra Seka: Pouring medicinal solution over the closed eyelids. It is a primary treatment in various eye disorders.

Aschyotana: Medicinal solution is instilled into the open eyes. It is helpful in treating the various eye diseases associated with

 Different types of pain

 Itching sensation

 Irritation and Foreign body sensation

 Burning sensation


Anjana: Application of medicated collyrium to the eyes.

Pindi: Thick paste of medicine is smeared on the cloth/packed in the cloth and then placed over the eyelids.



 Structural deformities of eye

Bidalaka: Thick paste of medicine is applied over the eyelids leaving eyelashes.


Initial stages of eye diseases

 Burning sensation of eyes

 Sticky discharge

 Watering of eye


The drug selection, dosage, temperature of the medicine and time duration for each procedure is decided by an Ayurvedic specialist.