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Prasooti tantra and Stree roga

Although the overall rate of caesarean deliveries in India is around 17%, rates have risen rapidly over the last ten years from 8.5% in 2005–06 to 17.2% in 2015–16. Though such caesarean births are not completely avoidable but the rates can be brought down considerably with optimal wellbeing of both mother and child.

Prasuthi tantra deals with complete care of pregnancy, it’s signs and symptoms, labor and care of postpartum. 


Sthree roga emphasizes all types of gynecological disorders and it’s management.


The lesser known Department  of prasootitantra and stree roga at our hospital is a sanctum to nourish feminine bliss. It exclusively deals with feminine reproductive system, it’s disorders and treatment.


We aim to provide utmost care for pregnant women, to ensure easy and natural delivery and for safe post partial period with due respect to Ayurvedic traditions.

In Sthree roga (gynecology) clinic we manage cares related Infertility, PCOS, ovarin cyst, uterine fibroids, uterine prolapse such gynecological disorders are well managed with our classical Ayurvedic treatments.Holistic management of the conditions related to involves both generalized and localized treatments.

We give unique local therapy in the form of yoni prakshalana, yoni pichu dharana, yoni abhyanga, yoni swedana, yoni dhupana, yoni kalka dharana in active vaginal infections and certain other gynecological disorders.

At our hospital we have a fully equipped labor theatre with well trained staff.

In case of emergency we are supported by highly experienced

We have 24hr lab and x ray facility in house.



Senior Consultant
BAMS, M.S. in Prasuthi Tantra and Sthree Roga


BAMS, M.S. in Prasuthi Tantra and Sthree Roga

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