Fivefold cleansing treatment


You service your vehicle as per requirement, maintain your surroundings neat and tidy, you care about your clothes, wash them regularly, take bath to keep your body clean externally. Have you ever wondered about cleansing your body internally or detoxifying? 

Welcome to the Department of Panchakarma 

Ayurveda proposes this unique concept of internal cleansing through Panchakarma therapy. It is the primary detoxification method mentioned in Ayurveda. The word Panchakarma indicates the five basic treatments. ‘Panch’ refers to five and ‘karma’ refers to the act of performing the treatment. Panchakarma therapy enables expulsion of dosas which are considered to be the root cause for diseases in Ayurveda.

Using a cloth repeatedly without washing it affects its durability and human body is also similar. Panchakarma therapies are designed to eliminate the dosa or bodily toxins from the nearest possible route. Panchakarma therapies are an indispensable part of all eight branches of Ayurveda. They are helpful in both health and disease. These treatments are utilized in different seasons as per the increase of dosas. For example during spring there is an increase of kapha dosha and therefore vamana is recommended as the seasonal regimen for the same. timely performance of Panchakarma treatments prevent the recurrence of diseases.
Detoxifying property of panchakarma therapies is also widely utilized in cases of both acute and chronic poisoning.

VAMNANA (emesis) – Removal of dosas or toxins through the oral route. Kapha is managed through Vamana.

VIRECHANA(purgation) – Expels primarily Pitta dosa from anal route.
BASTI (enema)– Aimed at vata dosa. Beneficial in other dosas too.

NASYA (nasal medicaytion) – recommended for problems of the area above the shoulder.

RAKTA MOKSHANA – Vitiated(impure) blood is considered as one of the important cause of disease in Ayurveda and therefore rakta mokshana is the technique of blood letting.


Panchakarma therapies are preceded Poorvakarma (pre treatments) and followed by Paschat karma (post treatment). Poorva karma are designed to sensitize the body to the main treatm ent that is to follow. Paschat karma are the ones practiced following the main procedure primarily to accustom the body to normal diet and activities.

At Sharada hospital we have

– Highly experienced panchakarma consultants.

– Well trained and behaved therapists to maintain quality treatment.

– Regular supervision of treatments by consultants to ensure accuracy of procedures.

– Single entry Panchakarma therapy rooms for bath males and females separately. It ensures complete privacy and convenience.

– Hygienic therapy rooms with well maintained bathrooms.

– Independent therapy rooms attached to Super deluxe rooms.



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