Deals with lifestyle diseases, skin diseases, joint diseases, gastro intestinal diseases other physical and mental illness.

Pain Clinic

No one is spared from pain, pain cannot be explained, cannot be measured… but one who suffers, for them it’s the reason to consult the doctor. Starting from youngsters to elders, no one is spared from pain. It may be joint or spine aches and pains has always been the matter of concern. We have the best doctors to consult and answer to suffering patients.

Joint Pain: Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout

Spinal Diseases: Spondylosis, spondilitis, sciatica etc.

Neuro Ayurveda

 Neurological diseases affect social and psychological well-being of the person. Specific Ayurveda treatment adopted not only helps in rejuvenating, but also assures psychological well-being of the person. In this we treat diseases like paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, neuritis, chorea, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease etc. Treatment, assurance, care and confidence given to patient of neurological disease makes them bounce back.

Skin Diseases

The largest organ of the body when gets affected, it draws attention. Hence skin disease not only affects physically but also mentally. Even though all skin disease do not spread from one person to other, social understanding is such that, diseased person is kept separate. We treat skin diseases like

• Eczema

• Psoriasis

• Urticaria

• Fungal infection etc.

Ayurveda Cosmetology

Concept of beauty is from time unknown. Each person is gifted with particular color and hair type. In Ayurveda cosmetology we enhance one’s own beauty to flaunt on with all natural ingredients, without polluting it with chemicals. When person starts loving the skin he is in, we feel we win.