Dental Clinic

Sharada Ayurveda Hospital has recently started a Dental wing

in order to provide Dental care to public as well as the students

in Sharada public school. This clinic has all the sophisticated instruments

as well as it covers all the dental treatments which includes,

• Oral prophylaxis.

• Restorations

• Root canal treatments

• Extractions.

• Fixed prosthetic treatments.

• Complete denture, Removable partial denture

• Pedodontic treatment.

• Orthodontic Treatment etc.


Oral prophylaxis:

This treatment is mainly done for the removal of plaque and calculus which are attached to the tooth and gingiva by which better hygiene and health of teeth and gums can be maintained.



This treatment is mainly done to restore the function and morphology of teeth. Types of restorative materials used are glass ionomer cement and composite filling material (specially for anterior teeth)



This is the forced removal of a tooth by forceps due to various reason such and tooth decay and damage and extremely loose teeth.

Fixed prosthetic Treatment:

This treatment can be used to restore single or multiple teeth with a superior strength compare to direct restorations. It also create an esthetically looking teeth.


Orthodontic Treatment:

This treatment is a way of straightening or moving teeth to improve the appearance of teeth and also better esthetic to the face.


Root Canal Treatment:

This is a treatment sequence for infected pulp of the teeth which is done by Extirpation of pulp that helps to reduce the infection and pain.


Pedodontic Treatment:

The mainly includes treatment for children such as removal of milk teeth pulpotomy, orthodontic treatment (habit breaking appliances) etc.