Weight loss is not impossible, it might seem hard, but hard is not same as impossible.

The world is marching itself to an era where, external appearances plays a major role in building up both professional and personal life. Thriving to lose weight and staying fit is a major concern in both male and female. Weight gain be having causes which aren’t due to underlying diseases like sedentary life style and improper eating habits. Following Ayurvedic principles of weight loss through appropriate eating habits, lifestyle and changing your Mind in order to change your body is very important. Overweight or obesity is one among the life style disorder which when ignored can lead to other life threatening disease hence it’s always necessary to have a fit body.

Why is weight loss a mind game?      

Yes weight loss is a mind game because the body’s system for regulating food intake is coordinated by the hypothalamus, which is located under the mid line of the brain, which when activated produces the sensation of hunger, hence having control over our mind and stopping oneself from Bing eating plays an important role in controlling weight.

What are the causes of weight gain?
Causes related to the intake of food
• Intake of food before the digestion of previous food
• Consuming heavy food (oily and fat)
• Consuming food which are hot in potency
• Excessive intake of milk products
• Excessive consumption of rice, wheat and other grains
• Excessive intake of meat, preparations made up of alcohol

Causes related to activities

Causes related to the mind

Hereditary cause

 Along with other causes, hereditary also plays a major role in weight gain. Where the person with obese parents will be more prone to put on those extra calories compared to others.

When to eat?

When to eat is a primary question which runs into everybody’s Mind when it comes to losing weight. It’s not always about right eating habits it’s also about eating right at the right time because eating at scheduled time each day prevents your stomach from over working and indigestion it also helps in keeping proper intervals between each meal. Here are some of the points to remembered

                                   Lunch 1.00PM to 2.00PM

                                   Dinner 7.00PM to 8.00PM

What to eat?

We are what we eat is an ancient concept of the holy book of bhagavad gita which means we look talk and behave on the basis of the food we consume . Here are some of the point to be remembered

How to eat?

Listen to your mind only when the cravings is from the body and not from your mind

                                                   2 parts – Food

                                                   1 part- Water

                                                   1 part – for circulation of air

Eat fruits before the whole meal , do not make the habit  of consuming fruits after meal

Activities to be done

 Losing weight is not only related to what we eat but it’s also about how we live

  Just eating what’s right at the proper time and proportion will not serve its purpose as exercise is very important to stimulate the body’s metabolism

Exercise: including aerobic exercises like walking, cycling, swimming, jogging, and dancing.

(Walking is the most ancient exercise and still the best exercise)

 Yogasana: Yoga when practiced as a part of daily activity helps to develop muscle tone, increase flexibility, and improve metabolism. yogasanas such as Surya Namaskar, trikonasana, chaturangadandasana, virabhadrasana, sarvangasana, dhanurasana, bhujangasana, navasana and pavanmuktasana can readily help you lose those extra calories.


practicing certain mudras like

Surya mudra, Linga mudra, and Vayu mudra: practicing these mudra regularly helps in increasing the heat inside the body, which intern enhances the metabolism leading to weight loss

Jnana Mudra: practicing this mudra helps in generating energy that calms your mind and body, releasing impulsive eating habits and intern helps in losing weight.


The change in life style and food habits of people during this era has raised the number of cases having obesity, cardio vascular disease and other underlying diseases. Training our mind to follow right food habits and exercise through ayurvedic principles plays a vital role in controlling weight gain and maintain a fit body. Hence it’s always better to change your mind in order to change your body

By Dr. Anusha Poojary

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